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Long Time No See? :-)

Funny how, although my fingers seem to be typing through cotton, I still want to write today. In particular, I want to get down some thoughts on a new med I'm taking.

It's been about 3 weeks since I started taking Strattera, and it has several good points -- and some not-so-good ones, as well. I feel like I'm forgetting a lot less, which is good. I am not sure if I stick my foot in my mouth less (someone else who observes me will have to tell me), but it seems that awkward pauses in my conversations are at a minimum, so that's a good thing.

Today has felt a bit odd... and I'm trying to track the side effects I have, so I can report them to my psych when I see him. I've started feeling cold a lot (I used to never feel cold unless I was sick -- it's been a barometer by which I KNEW I was ill). Now I have the shivers on a regular basis, and am feeling cold a lot. It's a rather odd feeling for me. Also, I often feel an ache, like someone punched me in the stomach a few days ago. It may be a stomachache, or it may be from working out -- am not sure. Also, my ... um... tolerance for irritating things/people seems to have increased. Either that, or my shell has gotten thicker/harder. Regardless of how it happened, hooray! Prior to the Strattera, it was sometimes just too much -- I heard too much, felt too much and sensed too much, and was constantly at (or close to) over-stim. Even working with shields was hard, and unreliable, like I could not get a grip and they kept sliding down. Now, it's not so bad, and I feel better about it -- like I'm in a hard (semi-permeable pink?) shell. And others' reactions are not so painful to me. Before, others' anger and disdain were things I could physically feel, like a blow to my body). Hooray for no longer haiving to deal with that, as well.

But I then ask: has it blunted my edge? Well, the tendency to sometimes fall asleep has come back (side effect). It's annoying to try desperately to stay awake during D&D and have my companions tell me they've worked my snoring into the game because I'd fallen asleep again. And I know if I imbibe the caffiene at that time, I will NOT go to sleep at the correct time, and my circadean rhythms will get all screwed up. So, that's a bit of a bummer.

It seems, though that I really enjoy my work-outs (lifting weights is fun!), and am starting to look forward to exercise (another big hooray!), I never used to like exercise. In fact, I hated it, because when I learned how to lift weights, I did not learn how to do it properly, and was actually giving myself unnecessary pain (which turned me off). I would try and fail, and then give up. And the pain and feelings of failure (coupled with the feeling that I couldn't follow thru on it) were enough to kick me, and keep me from wanting to try again. Now, it's easier to be nice to myself -- if I don't go, I'm not 'bad' -- and if I do go and don't finish all of my exercises, well, it's better that I did *something* and I'm giving myself credit for them. I guess you could say my 'insistence for perfection' is going down a bit. So, that's another good. And I get tired, and sore from work-outs, but not as lethargic as I was before. Double-yaay! :-)

That's about all I can recall for now. Right now, it's home, then out for grocery shopping and errands, then home to pay bills and sleep. And yes, I've taken on another Saturday as work. I recently bumped the front of Sofia (my car) and I need to get that fixed. So, I need the OT that Saturday brings. :-P Oh well, it's slow and I will be just fine. :-)

Happy Friday, all!
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