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Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
The joys of being double-x.
Umm... I haven't had a migraine in a while... now, in the past week, I've had 2 (one last Sunday, and one today). WTF? Stress, okay. I can see that. And the acid reflux messing with my ability to sleep last night, also I get. (Lack of sleep/messed sleep patterns = migraines sometimes for the Deb).

But 2 in a week? I was hoping that things were getting better, not worse. I guess I ought not kvetch; this one is not so bad w/ Excedrin and caffiene. And the other one I managed to fend off with the generic Midrin that I have (after falling asleep a few times at game). I'm working today, and although a tad bit cranky, I haven't bitten anyone yet. So, that's something.

But the light is awfully bright. And I have this lovely cystic acne to go with it. Ew.

And then it hits me.... I'm a double-x (not xy) .... and I still have one ovary. This is hormonal. That feisty little gal is still spurting out the estrogen- and progesterone-swoop-causing chemicals -- so I get the emotional rollercoaster without the corresponding bleed. Wheefun. :-P

It's no wonder I feel like a grumpy bitch -- I need chocolate, some caffiene, and probably a whole smattering of B vitamins (if I can get my stomach to stop hurting). Are there any cuppycakes (and vitamins) to be had? I ought to find out.

(End Note to self: please, dear Head, don't let the eyeballs go shooting out over the top of my cube... they''ll be damn hard to find way over there. Love, me)

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