Deb (loba) wrote,

Quick post (on me, and on Iran)

Hi all,

I've been busy lately -- was in a car accident in late May (minor injuries), and have been dealing with car and health issues. Healthwise, have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist a LOT lately (mostly in the evenings), so I've not been here in a while. Also, I re-twisted my L ankle, so I really do feel like Calamity Jane.

That said, I've also gotten a new phone (finally! one that works!) and am trying to use its internet abilities, as well as the usual calling capabilites. And I stumbled on something that I think is really important, so please check it, and read it if you can. It's a firsthand account of things going on in Iran right now.

As some of you know, I also Twitter. And I'm currently subscribed to a few people in Iran, because apparently, it's one of the few ways that people there can still get uncensored messages out.

Anyway, here is the link, please read the account, and let others know. The people there want others to know what is really going on.

Mote later; must dash to another chiro appt.

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