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Mental Feng Shui
....revising what (& who) will fit in the room....
Why I am not here a lot (or: what became of the Deb?)
Sadly, I do read more Twitter than here, of late.  And I have been doing other stuff in the evenings, so when I come home, I'm seldom out here on LJ.

But I do come back and read periodically... really I do.

And yes, I do have a new phone.  Her name is Sapphire, and I love her.  *sigh*  :-)  She is a Nokia E63, and she does all sorts of neat stuff.  Currently, I have all of Season 1 of Buffy on her chip, and am trying to get a good copy of Season 2.  I have a lot of music on her chip as well, and am hoping that the copy of  My Neighbor Totoro that I have will adapt to her smaller screen well.  She is beyond nifty, and gets Edge and 3G as well as WiFi.  Her Excel miniprogram leaves something to be desired, though. 

More later.  Sleep soon.  Had spa, Korean food (bulgogi, kimchee and veggies -- YUM!) and tiredness yesterday, and need to fend off the remaining tiredness.

Toodles for now -- come see me on Twitter if you want.

Current Location: Wits End (Casa de poco loco)
The State of the Cranium is: : sleepy sleepy

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