Deb (loba) wrote,

Long time gone? (not completely)

Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted here. Yes, a LONG while.

Those of you who are local to me may know that I've been sick pretty much continuously since Halloween (and sporadically, before that, since last year). Right now, I'm working on getting my health (and my life) back into shape, and it's not an easy task -- I think I may have caught all of the viral "stuff" that Seattle's had bouncing around (both flus and a handful of nasty colds).

But the battle back to health is a worthy one (albeit slow), and what I am learning has definitely been worthwhile. And although things are moving more slowly than I'd like, I have seen most of my cherished relationships solidify and brighten... while a few others that I did not know were harmful have burst, drained painfully, and fallen away. Growth is a good thing, even if it is hard sometimes.

Yes, I do post more over at Facebook lately -- I've been able to get their Twitter-thingy to post my stuff over there (I 'tweet' a lot) -- but somehow the LJ-Twitter thingie does not work so well for me. And... some of my blood family is over at Facebook (as well as quite a few of my old acquaintences from high school), and it's nice to reconnect with some of those people. I need to remember my own rich personal history -- that I do not stand alone against my challenges, but that I come with a wealth of backstory and experience from which I can draw (and ... damn, it's easy to forget stuff when the ADD kicks in).

As for home, it's just Ian the Kitty and me right now. Jim was with me thru the early part of December. Then when we thought his Dad had had a small stroke (he'd started 'losing his English words' and was sounding funny) -- and Jim drove like a madman back to Michigan, just in time to avoid the Nebraska blizzards. Thank goodness, it turns out that Jim's Dad was just suffering from a lack of nutrition (and no, one cannot live well on mac-n-cheese and coffee, no matter how how much one may like both). Since Jim's been home and cooking for his Dad, they are both doing well (with lots of veggie dishes to supplement their vitamin and mineral intake). And under Jim's watchful eye, ALL of the dishes are being washed in the dish washer (and not merely being wiped down).

As for LJ... I do mean to increase posting here, and will try to put something up at least once a week (when I'm not coughing my head off, or trying to find out where my voice went). For now, I am trying to find the source of my fatigue, and may be recording it here (either privately Friends-Only) so that I can re-examine it later. Some work that I've done in my ancestry-delving has led me to believe I may have a genetic predisposition to wheat/gluten intolerance. We'll see where that leads me -- it definitely explains a lot of things about both sides of my family.

For now, dear readers, please know that even when I'm not here reading, I am still thinking of many of you, and wishing you well. I often have not come here to read, as certain things have been rather painful. But that area is growing, too, and I will soon be back to read more often. And I do want to know what's going on with you all (so I may have a weekend of LJ-reading coming up).

Merry Christmas and a Blessed Winter Solstice to all....

and **Hugs** and Blessings to you as well.

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