Deb (loba) wrote,

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  • 08:27 People, we are health care, not psychics. If your other doctor changes your med to a different amount & dosage, you need to *tell* us this. #
  • 08:28 Silly patients. Almost as funny as the silly doctors. :-) #
  • 08:29 (And, of course, the VERY silly scheduling people. We are a hoot. Really.) #
  • 09:11 I am being good, and eating my oatmeals (and cup of mandarin oranges). And, of course, I have tea. Life is pleasant. #
  • 09:38 @aithne Hope things are okay w/ you all... #
  • 07:54 @raincitysun It's a polite Light Rail. :-) #
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