Deb (loba) wrote,

Channelling my Inner Introvert lately....

Hello all,

It's been a long while, I know.  And I am still working (albeit still temp, but it's work, and hope hops eternal), so things are OK for now.  I am really, REALLY missing my car of late, as I want to go see people (and be there for them), but it is a little harder on the bus.  I know I should stop whining; I still have my functional feet and legs, and I have a lovely little transit pass that works well all over.  And my cane does make it easier for me to move around (a little slower, but I still go).  Even so, I want to go and do things for others, especially since I've had people being so good and helpful to me (I *like* to give back... the Deb lives on Warm Fuzzies, really!). I want to be more useful to others, and less of a schlump to myself.

So, I shall chop my wood, and carry my water, and continue to work in that direction -- and to do what I can, when I can.

Meanwhile, one of my honeys came to see me yesterday, and he helped me run errands.  Before that, though, he helped me w/computer stuff:  we got the larger laptop working (finally!! from a perpetually-blinking boot screen to an actual working machine -- huzzah!!), as well as my everyday netbook (hooray for troubleshooting, to find out it's not the powercord, nor the connector, but the fact that I was using the *wrong* powercord. Time to colorcode the cords, methinks).  The first I had been working on for at least 2 months, and the second had only recently been discovered, as the netbook battery had gone down to 1% and was not charging. :-P  Now, all is well!! *sigh of relief*

And with the roasted chicken I got yesterday, did something I haven't done for a while -- I cooked something (nearly) homemade!  I quickly deboned that little birdie, cubed up the meat, boiled the carcass, and chopped some veggies to go with it. And not long after, I had tasty Garlic Chicken & Rice Soup to take w/me to work today.  Nom!!  (Especially w/Garlic Club Crackers!).

Yesterday's shopping trips showed me that I really do need to be listening to my body, and replacing the bread carbs w/green veggies and good animal proteins; the side salad w/a burger that I'd had for lunch, was EXACTLY what my body was craving (had not had beef in over 2 weeks). So, that helped.  But upon reflection, I can see that I've been using my lack of mobility as an excuse for not taking better care of myself -- especially of what I eat, and then whining when I feel physically yukky, and don't want to do stuff.  OF COURSE I won't want to do stuff if I feel icky.  Poor nutrition makes me feel icky, even if I supplement the junk w/vitamins. I know this.  But somehow I think I can try it a different way.  [Silly Deb; do what works.]

I need a Farmer's Market, either near where I live (within 2 blocks) or I need to get another bike.  Or I need to try and find one on the Train route; one that's open after 6pm.  Slim chance, I know, but I gotta put it out there if I want it (or want to know about it, eh?)  And I'm not financially stable enough yet (not until I have a permanent job), or I'dd break down and get Amazon Fresh every week (spendy but GOOD produce) or get a market basket.  And if I had the ability, I'd grow my own... but I am soooo not good with plants -- they don't meow when the water bowl is almost empty. :-(

More later; I have a few things left to do, and then am heading home from work (late shift today, early shifty tomorrow).  And when the alarm rings ar 5:30, I want to have my lunch packed & things laid out.  Yes, I am learning to be prepared. Don't look at me like that.  Yes, it's really me.  Yes, REALLY. 

Ciao for now.  And **hugs** to all.


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